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What is Techie Talking?


TechieTalking is an online video meeting place for Techies... and their friends.

Techies can create sessions on any subject: what they are doing, what they like....

To create your own session, you need to register, to confirm your email address and then you can create a video session which can be up to 3 hours long.

When you create a session, it appears on the homepage. You can tell your friends and followers about it so that they join.




In case of problems, click on the "System requirements" button at the top of the home page. 


Because of the technology that support the application, it is important to use a recent version of the Chrome or the Firefox browsers. If the voice or images are jerky check the bandwidth of your connection using: Be aware that you can have a great download speed and a very reduced upload speed


00-man-350.pngYou can join an existing session without registering. You can join the room and discuss with the creator of the event and the other participants. When you click on "Join without registering" a new page appears and you are asked to choose your screen name.

You can attend the session in the "Main" room, discuss with the host. You can be invited by the host to have a conversation in front of the audience.

You can also create your own room. Click on "Create your room" at the bottom of the left column, and give a "name" to your room. You are now the host of your own room and you can invite participants for discussions.




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