How it works
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If you just want to participate to an online session, you do not need to register. You can click on the icon corresponding to the session to be be part of it. But: it only works when the session IS ACTIVE. It does not work if you click on the icon BEFORE the session.

To register click on SIGN UP on the top line of the homepage. The following page appears...


The name will appear at the top of the profile. 

The Expert/Presenter can create online sessions. The Attendee cannot create sessions but can participate to sessions.

For now, it makes sense to select EXPERT/PRESENTER.

When you are done click on REGISTER. A validation email will be sent to the Email address that you provided.

Once validated, use your username / passord to access the site. By default, you will arrive to the EDIT PROFILE page. Click on EDIT and provide the information. This is important, especially the key words, as other members will find you this way.


 A short summary of your activity is also important to mention.



Very important: You can insert the url of your profile in an email or on a social network. When people click on the url, a page appears with your profile and the documents, videos and images attached to your profile. Creating these documents will be explained below. This url is a great opportunity for people not knowing you to identify reasons to get in touch with you.


We will explain later how you can create and schedule your own online event. The following feature is very important to market your online event. Under the YOUR PROFILE headline, there is a feature to help you market your event. You paste a list of your contacts and describe the characteristinc of your future online session:


The list of features in the black left column

Before going into details about the other features, let's have a look at how these features are organized.

Online events

This is what you see if you are a Presenter / Organizer / Host:

  • Create a new session: you create a new session that will happen in the future. This session can be announced on the calendar (Open) so that other people can join, or not announced (Close) for privacy.
  • Start a session and enter as a Host: if you created an online session, when it is time for the session to start, click on this button and enter as the host of the session. The session will not start until the creator of the session arrives.
  • Join the session as a guest: if you did not create the session, click on this button to join the session.



There are two different directories which basically correspond to Presenters and Attendees.

  • Clicking on the button corresponding to one of these directories opens a page with the list of members and their profile,
  • Clicking on the INVITE button next to the profile of a subscriber will send him/her a message so that you become CONTACTS. This means that you will be able to organize instantly a conference with the person if they are online. The subscriber needs to approve the contact.


Your messages

  • This is a message box where you receive the comments made by someone of the audience during one of your presentations. You will also receive there the request to become CONTACTS.
  • The number of new messages received since you last accessed this message box is mentioned on the button.


Archives (videos)

  • When the recording feature is active while you are presenting, , a small red dot appears at the bottom left of the screen where you appear.
  • Clicking on the ARCHIVES button opens the list of the files where your presence on the screen was recorded. 
  • You can download the files, which are in MP4, to edit them and repurpose them for your activity.
  • If you plan to reuse these files do not wait too long as these files are deleted regularly to limit the volume of storage.

Starting, hosting and running an online session

We are going to explain here how to host a session, how to create private rooms, how to use slides to present, how to share the screen... 

This part is useful for hosts and presenters but also for everyone attending a session, as the attendees can also present, show slides...

Anyone having registered as a presenter can create a session and announce it in advance. When you click on the button CREATE, the following page appears:

  • It is important that you indicate the time zone where you are if the other participants will participate from another time zone.
  • You need to indicate whether the session will be announced on the calendar of events (Open) or not (Close).


Open sessions are immediatly placed on the calendar.



Creating documents

This part is very important and correspond to the creation of three very different sorts of documents.

Create documents for your profile. These documents will be accessible:

  • from the directory, when people click on VIEW
  • everytime you are on the screen during a session. Your profile and the documents will appear right under the screen. The documents can be read and the videos can be viewed at that time.


The title of the page will be the name of the document that will be associated with your profile. So it needs to be illustrative.

You can create a page with multiple texts, videos, images... The icons to insert videos or specific elemets are on the second line of the HTML editor just above the whire page. The explanations for each icon are under the white page. Click on the icons at the top.

  • the first icon inserts an image which is either in your computer or that can be accessed using its url,
  • the second icon inserts a video. You provide the url id the video. The video appears. Then you validate the insertion,
  • the third icon allows you to record a video clip using your webcam,
  • the fourth icon is for voice recording,
  • the fifth recording allows you to upload ine ir several files to the page. People will be able to download the files.
To insert the video, click on the video icon and fill out the boxes:
Click on INSERT when you have selected the right url, then click on INSERT at the bottom of the page to insert the video clip in the page.
Create a PDF/slides for your session. 
If you want to make a presentation with slides during your session, this is the place where to upload the slides before the session. The slides must be in a PDF format. If you have 10 slides, the PDF will include the 10 slides which will appear on the screen in the same order.
Create a SURVEY for your session. 
If you want to poll your audience during your session, click on the corresponding feature in the left column prior to the session.
Click on "Radio buttons" if you want the people answering to select one choice. With "Check boxes" people can select several answers.
The directory

There are two directories: one for Presenters / Experts / Hosts, and one for Participants / Attendees / Audience.

The directory of experts looks like that:


Clicking on VIEW MORE provides more details about the expert.

Clicking on INVITE sends a message to the other expert so as to create a closer relationship. The other expert needs to agree to the closer connection. When connected, the 2 experts will see whether the other person is online and can create an immediate video conversation with this person and others.


On the image above, you see that Josh Gallen is connected to two other experts. When they are online, the name of these people will appear in a small window similar to the one shown on the next image. Clicking on their name will send them a message suggestiong an immediate meeting by video.



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