Purpose & benefits

The purpose of the present site is to generate new fruitful contacts between people who would not have met spontaneously, either because they do not live close to each other or because they do not have occasions to meet.

This site offers to users four ways to become more visible and get contacted:

(1) A directory. The users have their profile placed on the directory. Each profile can be accessed using key words.

(2) An url for your profile. You insert the url in an email, a twit... The receiver clicks on it and sees your full profile (see below)

(2) Online events or conferences. You can create, market and run online events or conferences. You can present your activity, show slides and share the screen with participants...

(3) Private conversations. You can also use video to communicate privately with your contacts.

Register and increase your number of contacts!


The url showing your profile.

When your profile is created you can use the feature "Create your url". The url looks like this:


You copy/paste this link in an email or in a social networking message and when the receiver clicks on it, this is an example of page which appears:


So the receivers can read pages with texts, images and videos, they can view videos and they can download documents such as images, pdf, spreadsheets...

They can also see whether you scheduled online events on the calendar that shows up. They can either attend these events or contact you for a private conversation using the conferencing tools.

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